Develop an efficient and sustainable system that converts organic food waste into insect biomass, which is in turn made into a protein feed alternative for aquaculture and livestock

Black Soldiers (BSF)

Grow industrially Black Soldier Flies (BSF) that will be transformed into animal protein, oil and fertilizer.

Recycle Food Waste

Collect and feed BSF with organic waste from the agro-industry


Leverage IoT, robotics, automation and machine learning to render our process efficient and cost effective

Positive Loop

Close the circular economy cycle – from waste to feed to food to waste

And we do all this in an environmentally friendly way, with no greenhouse gas production and no waste rejection!

  Incredibly nutritious

Insect proteins perform much higher than vegetable, algae or single-cell protein in animal feed. Insects are packed with protein, amino acids, and fiber. At +70% protein content, they contain more protein than soybean or salmon! It’s no surprise that they’re already present in 20–70% of animal diets in the wild.


Insects require only 9%, 3% and 17% of land, water and feed usage respectively compared to other protein sources and generate only 1% of CO2 emissions for the same protein output.


Insects can be fed on all types of waste such as manure, slaughterhouse and animal products processing plant waste, cereals, fruit and vegetable, kitchen waste; some can even digest plastics!

Economic opportunity

Market opportunities for insects are massive and untapped.
Insects production at scale can serve the following markets: animal feed, pet food, human nutrition, plant nutrition, nutraceuticals and green chemistry.

Why BSF? The ultimate bio-converter

An incredible capacity to transform all sorts of organic products including bio waste into high value proteins and oils.
Many other high added value opportunities under development: chitin protein extraction, biodiesel extraction, biochemistry, nutraceuticals nutrients, new antibiotics, etc.
Proven to be a viable replacement to soya or fish proteins in fish, chicken, pig and many more animal feeds. Naturally part of these animal diets for millions of years
A very low risk animal to breed, not vector to any known pests, not attracted to humans habitats and almost no environmental footprint
The current focus of Nasekomo is on replacing fish feed
in South East Europe with insect derived products.
We are currently developing the following :

Whole live and dried
BSF larvae for animals

Pet Food

Natural oil product
for animal feeds

Fish Feed (Fat Component)

Dry powder meal
for animal feeds

Fish Feed (Protein Component)


Agriculture and horticulture

The Nasekomo revolution will have the following environmental impact:

  • Reduce the waste amount and its CO2 emissions
  • Reduce pressure on fish stock by producing new protein sources to grow fish
  • Reduce transport emissions by producing and consuming locally feed for animals

Draining natural resources to feed our animals to produce our food that ends up as polluting waste

Recycle waste to grow insects to transfor into animal feeds to produce food

Nasekomo, the team

Nasekomo was created by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and experts in the agronomy field. The team is growing fast and we will soon be recruiting experts in entomology, industrial engineering, robotics and IoT: if you are interested in joining in the Nasekomo revolution, send us your application.

Marc Bolard

Cofounder | R&D

An agronomist with 15 years experience in rearing farm animals in Asia and Europe, Marc also brings to the team his high level of expertise in genetics. He has worked for multinationals such as Xy Evolution, CIRAD, Creavia, Urceo. Marc holds an engineering degree from ParisAgroTech and a post graduate master in Quantitative Genetics.

Xavier Marcenac

Cofounder | Business Development

Xavier has 25 years international experience in audit, consulting, operations and entrepreneurship. Founder and CEO of the largest BPO in Eastern Europe, he brings to the team his experience in building large scale organisations and handling relationships with financial and corporate partners. Xavier is a Computer Science Engineer, is ACCA qualified and holds an INSEAD MBA.

Olga Marcenac

Cofounder | Operations

Olga is an operational leader with strong interpersonal skills, has managed the service delivery in a large service business in Eastern Europe for the last 13 years ; brings her international experience in audit, finance, service delivery to the team. Olga holds a BA in Business Administration from AUBG; is ACCA qualified and holds and INSEAD MBA

Our advisory board

Nasekomo has assembled experts who will bring their extensive knowledge so that we can innovate, deploy faster and in an efficient way our technology

Prof. Anna Förster

Robotics Guru

Phd from Lugano University, currently Professor at University of Bremen. Anna is specialized in Sustainable communication networks

Philippe Michaud

Automation expert

Our automation and precision machinery specialist with 20+ years experience designing equipments for major industrial players such as Danone, Nestle, Seb, Coca Cola...

Thomas Krychowski


40 years experience in the Animal Production Sector as CEO of French cooperatives

Lubomir Nokov

Bio AgriBusiness developer

Bio AgriBusiness developer, Leader in organic production and distribution in Bulgaria, knows everyone in the Agriculture and Food sector

Nasekomo is looking to partner with: feed producers, fish farms, research institutes. Interested? Contact Us