CoRoSect is excited to announce the Open Day event at NASEKOMO, Sofia, Bulgaria, scheduled for September 28th, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00. This event will provide attendees possibility to dive not only into the main goals of the CoRoSect project, but also into the significance of optimization of the insect farming practices.

During the event, the attendees will have an opportunity to experience an interactive part of the CoRoSect project, as well as to hear about the goals and achievements reached so far. Furthermore, Open Day will serve as a mini exhibition of the technologies developed and deployed throughout the project’s lifetime. During the exhibition, CoRoSect will showcase the robots and hardware, the connectivity among them, thus demonstrating their networking and integration.

The participants will get a unique possibility to observe cutting-edge farming practices being used in action, as well as the use of various tools and technologies. Attendees will therefore walk away with priceless knowledge, see cutting-edge developments in the industry, and join the effort to unleash the enormous potential of insect farming in resolving urgent global food issues.

About the CoRoSect project

CoRoSect, an EU-funded project under Horizon 2020, aims to revolutionize insect farming as a sustainable solution for European food insecurity. By combining cutting-edge robotics with insect research, CoRoSect scales up production, reduces costs, and unlocks the potential of this innovative farming approach.

The CoRoSect project gathers 19 partners across Europe and is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and all the information is available on the project’s website, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube.


The European Insect-tech Scale-up Secures Funding to Advance Circular Bio-Economy

Sofia, Bulgaria | September 4, 2023Nasekomo, pioneering insect-tech scale-up in Europe, is thrilled to announce that it has been selected for receiving a grant under the European Recovery and Sustainability Plan. The prestigious funding is bestowed upon innovative enterprises that have received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, recognizing Nasekomo as a trailblazer in biotechnology and sustainability. 

The grant is going to be disbursed through the Bulgarian Ministry of Innovation and Growth. Thus, the Seal of Excellence, awarded to Nasekomo in 2022, has now been translated into tangible national support. The company is among the 12 distinguished Bulgarian enterprises with Seal of Excellence granted for their innovations. The support aims to propel the development of cutting-edge products and services. Out of the total grant allocation exceeding BGN 34 million for all 12 approved companies, Nasekomo will be granted BGN 4,9 million (€2,5 million). The funding is furthering Nasekomo’s mission to revolutionize the circular bioeconomy and address critical sustainability challenges. 

The Seal of Excellence is part of the European Commission’s supra-national mechanism designed to bolster breakthrough innovation, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises. Administered by the European Innovation Council under the EU’s Science and Innovation Framework Program, Horizon Europe, the Seal of Excellence rewards projects of exceptional quality and innovation. It serves as a powerful endorsement, urging national funding programs to back projects that contribute significantly to the European economy.  

Nasekomo will invest the funding in the first phase of realizing the visionary plan to establish an international network of bioconversion factories, strategically located near partnering agricultural or industrial sites, committed to sustainable utilization of their secondary raw materials. the first stage of the Project will secure that Nasekomo will supply the partnering bioconversion factories with Hermetia Illucens larvae, robotized bioconversion equipment, and digital platform to analyze and leverage data through machine learning algorithms.

The insect industry, central to Nasekomo’s mission, addresses pressing sustainability concerns on multiple fronts. It offers a solution to reduce overfishing and the depletion of wild fish stocks, as our network of bioconversion farms will contribute to saving 560,000 tons of wild fish from being processed into fishmeal annually. Moreover, by replacing soybeans in animal feed, it reduces Europe’s reliance on imported soybeans, decreasing the environmental impact associated with soybean cultivation and transportation. Furthermore, the insect industry is a champion in carbon emissions reduction. Nasekomo’s efforts alone are estimated to cut carbon emissions by a significant 430,000 tons annually, contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Nasekomo’s ambitious vision necessitates substantial investments in cutting-edge technology for the emerging insect industry. The company holds several international patents for robotic solutions in industrial insect farming, positioning itself as a technological leader in this exponentially growing field. The company continuously develops technical solutions and digitization for insect rearing as well as the bioconversion process to achieve maximum automation, precision, and efficiency. Investors from around the world are expressing a keen interest in Nasekomo’s innovative technologies, now demonstrated at full scale at Nasekomo Insect Center of Excellence (NICE), located near the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, and servicing the aim of Nasekomo to provide next-generation solutions for waste-free industrial processes.  The grant contract with Nasekomo is set to span two years, facilitating the realization of this visionary project. 

Pioneering the future of sustainable food ecosystems, the Bulgarian scale-up Nasekomo launches operations in its new demo facility, producing insect ingredients for petfood, animal feed and soil fertilizers.

SOFIA, Bulgaria – Nasekomo, a leading scale-up in insect biotechnology in Eastern Europe, founded in Bulgaria by the Bulgarian entrepreneur Olga Marcenac and the French citizens Xavier Marcenac and Marc Bolard, proudly announced the commencement of operations at their Insect Center of Excellence (NICE) and its groundbreaking innovations, among which is the revolutionary automated platform for insect rearing. Designed on the principles of vertical farms, this data-driven and fully automated platform is a neoteric achievement in the realm of bioconversion technologies and a demonstration base for potential investors, partners, and clients.

After two years of relentless dedication to research and development, the company is thrilled to announce the kick-off of NICE and its groundbreaking innovations, among which is the revolutionary automated platform for insect rearing. Designed on the principles of vertical farms, this data-driven and fully automated platform consists of up to 12 vertically stacked modular beds that can be 100 m long. It includes a multifunctional robot that performs all necessary actions to run the bioconversion process, an integrated environment controlling system and an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven automation. This setup can process up to 20,000 tons of organic biomass with almost no human interventions beyond supervision and maintenance. The groundbreaking automated platform for insect rearing can be operated either as a standalone solution or part of the comprehensive Nasekomo franchise.

“This state-of-the-art facility is the culmination of intense research and dedication, bringing to fruition a range of unique solutions that are set to revolutionize the bioconversion industry” stated Marc Bolard, co-founder of Nasekomo. “The NICE facility is a testament to our team’s passion for innovation and our dedication to creating a positive impact on the world.”

Nasekomo Insect Center of Excellence aligns with the founders’ strategic plan to establish a partner network of local entrepreneurs interested in becoming insect protein producers. The 5,000-square-meter facility operates as a demonstration base where potential investors, partners, and clients can witness the automated insect rearing solutions in action. There they can experience firsthand Nasekomo’s technologies employed to manage the bioconversion processes from the insect genetic improvement (thanks to the joint-venture with Grimaud Group called “FlyGenetics”), through reproduction, egg hatching, larvae rearing, to conversion from biomass to high-quality ingredients – protein meal, insect oil, and insect frass, now produced in-house at NICE.

“Our persistent efforts are dedicated to revolutionizing the insect industry, driving sustainability in agriculture and food sectors through innovations, advanced automation and AI solutions,” shared Xavier Marcenac, co-founder of Nasekomo. “We extend an invitation to entrepreneurs keen on promoting sustainability in the circular economy to visit NICE and experience our end-to-end solutions in managing bioconversion processes.”

NICE is conveniently located in Bulgaria, close to its capital Sofia and its international airport, ready to introduce a new era in the bioconversion industry.

Биотехнологичната компания „Насекомо“ е отличена сред 22 кандидатури с наградата „Game changer” в категория „Иновации“ в първия конкурс за устойчиви бизнес практики „ESG Awards“ политики, организиран от PwC България с цел да поощри организациите с ефективни ESG стратегии и отговорни бизнес практики. Церемонията се състоя късно снощи, 22 ноември. Наградата бе връчена на Ксавие Марсенак, съосновател и CEO на компанията. 

Персонална награда в специалната категория за личности, които успешно инициират, следват и подкрепят отговорни бизнес практики, получи и съоснователят на компанията – Олга Марсенак. 

Тя бе отличена с наградата „Предприемач в устойчивото развитие“. Освен активен  предприемач, Олга е бизнес ангел и инвестира в множество стартиращи бизнес проекти с устойчив ефект като старт-ъп за рециклиране на текстил, развитие на нови хранителни продукти, устойчиво ползване на горския ресурс и решения за оптимизиране на употребата на електроенергия.

„Насекомо“ е българската компания – пионер в индустриалното отглеждане на насекоми в Европа – компанията е единствената в югоизточна Европа и петата компания на континента, сертифицирана за отглеждане на черна муха-войник. Използвайки силите на насекомите по начин, спомагащ за намаляване неблагоприятното въздействие върху изменението на климата, компанията предоставя решение за нарастващото население на земята и нуждата от храна. За целта „Насекомо“ специализира в технологии за производство на екологични висококачествени съставки за фураж и органичен тор чрез отглеждане на насекомото от вида „Черна муха войник“.

Докато в световен план по-малко от 9% от икономиката се смята за кръгова, „Насекомо“ се превръща в пионер в реализирането на продукти от ново поколение и създадени чрез принципа на кръговата икономика. Биотехнологичният старт-ъп разработва кръгови продукти, процеси и услуги, които представляват истинска устойчива алтернатива на конвенционалните суровини за фуражната индустрия, като например соята, която е огромен негативен фактор за обезлесяването на Амазонските гори или използването на дива риба за фураж, което е основен фактор за изчерпването на океаните и задъхването на морските еко-системи.

Индустрията за насекоми е новоизгряваща в световен план, като първите индустриални производства са създадени едва през 2018г във Франция и в Нидерландия. Понастоящем обемите в продажбата на протеин от насекоми са стотици пъти по-малко от потенциала на пазара. Според прогноза на the international bank Rabobank, търсенето на протеин от насекоми се очаква да достигне 500 000 тона годишно до 2030 г.

В първото издание на конкурса на PwC се включиха близо 70 компании с близо 80 кандидатури в четири конкурсни категории – “Стратегия”, “Иновации”, “Образователна програма” и “Лидер в устойчивото развитие”. Кандидатурите бяха оценени от жури от независими експерти в областта на ESG, сред които доц. д-р Маню Моравенов, Джеф Джетър, Марина Стефанова, Саша Безуханова и Теодор Радонов. Методологията е разработена от PwC България и PwC Полша.

Останалите отличени компании в конкурса за ESG стратегии и практики са: 

В категория „Стратегия“

●        Стратегия в сектор Финансови услуги ─ ОББ

●        Стратегия в сектор Търговия на дребно и потребителски стоки ─ Lidl България

●        Стратегия в сектор Индустриално производство ─ Festo

●        Планирана стратегия в сектор Телекомуникации ─ Yettel България

В категория „Иновации“

●        Game Changer Иновация ─ Nasekomo

●        Иновация Зелени технологии ─ MClimate

●        Стартъп иновация ─ Zero Wave

●        Иновативен подход за зелена енергия ─ United Group

Категория „Образователна програма“

●        Образователна програма за външна аудитория ─ WWF България

●        Корпоративна образователна програма ─ УниКредит Булбанк

Категория „Лидер в устойчивото развитие“

●        Предприемач в устойчивото развитие ─ Олга Марсенак, Nasekomo

●        Вдъхновител за устойчиво развитие ─ Блажка Трепетанова, Zero Wave

●        Корпоративен лидер в устойчивото развитие ─ Цветанка Минчева, УниКредит Булбанк

23 ноември 2022 г.

Uniquely positioned within the circular agriculture revolution and powered by scientific research into genetic, Nasekomo provides clients with BSF eggs that allow for by-product upcycling and processing into alternative proteins and a range of insect-based products.

Anyone active into insect farming will recognize that biology might be the most critical part for the bioconversion of organic waste. Eggs are the essential input required to operate a bioconversion plant and ensure a continuity in the conversion flow. We want to help newcomers into insect farming to start their colony but also existing players to line-up their population and scale up their activity.

Our BSF eggs are issued from several years of research to enrich our genetic pool and will be soon powered by genetic improvements through our Fly Genetic company, a joint venture between Nasekomo and Grimaud Group, leader in animal genetic.

We deal with live organisms sensitive to external parameters. This is why Nasekomo designed unique transportation kit box to maximize the hatching rate and offers personalized technical support for its clients at each delivery. Each gram of eggs can contain up to 40.000 larvae after hatching.

If you are interested to learn more about our Nasekomo BSF eggs, please contact:

Florent Mathe our Sales Director at florent.mathe@nasekomo.life or +40-730-199-182

On 16 July 2021, under Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government’s instrument for supporting innovation and development, Nasekomo kicked-off a 433 714 EUR monoproject on scaling up the insect industry’s green impact through the deployment of innovative industrial insect multiplication technologies.

The project aims to enable automated insect multiplication and bioconversion allowing industrial scale production of sustainable

and environmentally friendly proteins. The technology to be deployed within the project will allow Nasekomo to implement its future strategy of creating a circular ecosystem in which the company plans not only to supply the feed manufacturers with high-quality sustainable insect-protein products, but also to operate as specialized service provider to other companies who either already have waste streams they need to responsibly dispose of (waste management companies and agro-industrials) or companies looking to enter the industry to diversify their portfolio – energy, utilities, construction companies.

As a result of the project, in a 6-year timeframe, Nasekomo projects to save 147,000 tonnes of wild fish with insect products replacing fish meal in the aquafeed industry, save 105,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions by replacing traditional sources of protein such as soy, upcycle plant-based waste to turn it into high value insect products and organic fertilizer. In economic terms the project will result the creation of 12 local jobs and respective growth in turnover and operational profit for Nasekomo.

Contact person at Nasekomo:

Contact person at Nasekomo:

Maria Alexandrova, Projects and Sustainability manager, maria.aleksandrova at nasekomo.life

Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Programme Bulgaria.

С финансовата подкрепа на Норвежкия финансов механизъм 2014-2021, в рамките на програма “Развитие на бизнеса, иновации и МСП в България”.

In January’ 2021 together with 19 partners from EU we kicked-off the CoRoSect Project: Cognitive Robotic System for Digitalized and Networked (Automated) Insect Farms, funded by the Horizon Europe Program (ID: 101016953)

CoRoSect is a three year project which addresses the need of coupling research on bionomics and life cycle of insects intended to be used as food and feed, with new robotic tools and protocols for mechanization and automation of insect farming, which is a critical point stressed by the Technical Expert Consultation on Assessing the Potential of Insects as Food and Feed in Assuring Food Security.

CoRoSect forms a novel integrated cognitive robotic ecosystems where the repetitive but also cognitively and physically demanding tasks requiring increased manual effort or continuous human supervision during the insects’ lifecycle, are replaced by automatic robotic-based procedures which will also draw upon research performed on understanding biological, technical and economic requirements of insect rearing and optimizing all involved processes.

Focusing on real insect rearing problems, CoRoSect technologies will evaluated through large-scale pilots in 5 insect farms placed in 5 European countries rearing three of the most commonly occurring species, thereby contributing essentially to a secure and sustainable food supply in Europe.

Nasekomo Plc. is proud to be one of the insect farms which will co-develop and pilot the CoRoSect innovative solution

CoRoSect contact person at Nasekomo:

Maria Alexandrova, Projects and Sustainability manager, maria.aleksandrova at nasekomo.life

CoRoSect Coordinator:

Maastricht University, Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE)

Web corosect.eu

Facebook www.facebook.com

Twitter twitter.com

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101016953.

Оперативна група „Насекомо” изпълнява

Проект: BG06RDNP001-16.001-0010

„Насекомо. Въвеждане на високоиновативни технологии при хранене на бройлери и кокошки – носачки за подобряване на тяхното здраве и качествени показатели на техните продукти”

по процедура чрез подбор на проектни предложения по подмярка 16.1. „Подкрепа за сформиране и функциониране на оперативни групи в рамките на ЕПИ“ по мярка 16 „Сътрудничество“ от Програма за развитие на селските райони за периода 2014-2020 г.

Основна цел на проекта: да изследва ефекта от продукти от насекоми вид Black soldier fly (BSF) върху здравето и производствените показатели на бройлери и кокошки носачки, както и да установи потенциала на тези продукти за устойчиво производство.

Очаквани резултати:

  1. Разработване и установяване на пазара на специфични продукти от BSF за храна на селскостопанските птици:
  1. Установяване на ефектите на BSF продукти върху:
  1. Информиране на обществеността и обучение на земеделските производители за ползите от въвеждането на BSF продукти в диетата на птиците.

Проектът е на обща стойност 747 982.78 лв.,

от които: 659 781.70 лв. от Европейски земеделски фонд за развитие на селските райони

и 73 309.08 лв. национално съфинансиране.

Дата на стартиране: 21.12.2020 г.

Дата на приключване: 01.09.2023 г.

Членове на ОП „Насекомо”:








Circular agriculture: “Fly Genetics”, a new European player at the heart of insect production!

French Groupe Grimaud and Bulgarian Start-up Nasekomo announce the launch of a joint venture to build a European champion to supply the insect-based bioconversion industry with improved black soldier flies.

What is the insect-based bioconversion industry?

The insect-based bioconversion industry aims to transform the agri-food sector into a more sustainable circular economic model by recycling agricultural waste streams into high value-added proteins.

Thanks to the involvement of insects, bioconversion is simple. Many industries produce large amounts of organic by-products that are difficult to recycle, including leftovers from breweries, cereal processing industries, and fruit and vegetable cuttings. These biomasses are fed to black soldier fly larvae, which convert organic nutrients into their own body mass. At maturity, they are harvested and processed into protein that can be included as an ingredient in feed for fish, pets, chickens, and other animals.

Circularity in agriculture brings two major benefits. It allows for recycling and recovery of by-products and decreases the environmental impact of animal production (especially aquaculture) through a more sustainable and efficient input.

Recent studies show that diets including insect-based products produce more robust animals, potentially reducing the need for antibiotics in animal feed.

What are the objectives of Fly Genetics?

Fly Genetics will provide the insect sector with enhanced black soldier flies in order to optimize the conversion of by-products into alternative proteins and other insect-derived products.

Fly Genetics is born from the alliance of a start-up specializing in insect production with experts in genetic selection of animals for efficient protein production.

Uniquely positioned within the circular agriculture revolution, Nasekomo provides clients with insectbased industrial bioconversion solutions that allow for by-product upcycling and processing into alternative proteins and a range of insect-based products.

Looking to innovate further and improve its bioconversion solutions, Nasekomo approached Groupe Grimaud, a group with more than 50 years of experience in animal genetics. The alliance will work together on new black soldier fly strains to increase insect bioconversion efficiency.

Frédéric Grimaud (CEO of the eponymous group) states: “We are happy to apply all of our know-how to a natural diversification of our activities while continuing to support traditional animal sectors through investments focused on sustainability and animal welfare such as sexing duck eggs, or more recently, the inauguration of a new French hatchery with the latest standards in laying hens. For us this means striking the right balance between our flagship activities and the newly emerging ones.”

Marc-Bolard, Nasekomo co-founder, adds: “With this partnership, Nasekomo will nurture its unique position within this new insect industry. This joint venture will naturally enhance our animal population and thus strengthen the economic and environmental impact of insect-based bioconversion: a larger range of by-products will be converted into valuable products with better biological efficiency for increased economic returns. With the support of our proprietary technologies and services, our clients will benefit from tailored, sustainable, and competitive solutions to lead the circular agriculture revolution.”

The new “Fly Genetics” company plans to market its high-performance black soldier flies from the second half of 2021.

About Groupe Grimaud:
Groupe Grimaud is one of the world leaders in multi-species animal genetics, bio-pharmacy and Novel Farming. It has operations in more than 100 countries, generates € 320 M in turnover and employs over 1,800 people worldwide.

The group is mainly family-owned with a head office in Sèvremoine-France (49).
For more information: www.grimaud.com

About Nasekomo:
Nasekomo is a biotech firm that produces alternative insect-based products for animal feed and soil fertilisation. By feeding local agricultural by-products to insects, it contributes to the creation of an environmentally positive local loop. Its robotized insect rearing technology (patent pending) and its genetic selection program enable the company to produce premium insect protein at an industrial scale and a competitive price for the European market. Following its inception, the company obtained € 5 M in funding for the development of its technologies.

For more information: www.nasekomo.life

Press contacts:
• Groupe Grimaud: Julien Leblond, +33670599169, julien.leblond@grimaud.com
• Nasekomo: Xavier Marcenac, +359898952800, xavier.marcenac@nasekomo.life