Food for Fish

Highly digestible and functional insect protein excellent for both marine and in-land species

Animal protein alternative to fish meal

Fish meal is the main protein source for the aquaculture industry. However, due to its substantial environmental impact, price and supply volatility, it is no loger considered a viable option for the future. Insect protein meal on the other hand is sustainable and reliable. We create value not only by converting organic waste into a rich protein ingredient but also through the implementation of scalable farming.

Premium highly-nutritious and digestible defatted 60% protein meal

Our low-temperature processing methods ensure high digestibility and optimal nutritional profile of the insect protein meal. Our meal is packed with key amino-acids, trace elements and lipids necessary at any stages of the fish cycle. Since species have different needs, Nasekomo aims at developing best-in-class products suitable for in-land (trout, sturgeon, etc.) and marine species (seabass, seabream, shrimp, etc.).

EU-approved aquafeed ingredient

As of 2017 EU regulations allow insect protein meal from Black Soldier Fly to be used in aquafeed.

Available in powder form

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