Food for Pets

Insect protein for cats and dogs with allergies to conventional feed ingredients. Insect feed for birds, reptiles and ornamental fish.

Insect protein meal

Hypoallergenic diet alternative for your pets

The percantage of pets allergic to standard pet food is constantly growing and is currently estimated at 10%. The allergies are predominantly protein-related. On the other hand, conventional ingredients used by the pet food industry are not environmentally friendly.

With a production based on the circular economy model, our Black Soldier Fly insect protein is a hypoallergenic alternative to cereal or meat-based diet.

Highly digestible natural protein with unique palatability

Insect protein offers good digestibility for cats and dogs, and also gives high palatability to the finished product. Equially suitable for dry and wet food.

EU-approved pet food ingredient

As of 2017 EU regulations allow for insect protein meal to be used in pet food.

Available in powder form

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Insect oil

High-quality lipid source

Not only a natural source of energy but also a functional oil. Insect oil contains lauric acid, medium chain fatty acids and other elements offering health benefits. Suitable for dry food, wet food and pet treats (high palatability).

Available in semi-liquid form

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