For a more efficient and sustainable world

Nasekomo produces premium sustainable insect products for the feed and agriculture industries

Nasekomo Fish

Food for Fish

Highly digestible and functional insect protein suitable for both marine and in-land species.

Nasekomo Pet

Food for Pets

Insect protein for hypoallergenic cats and dogs. Insect feed for birds, reptiles and ornamental fish.

Nasekomo Flower

Food for the Land

Nutritious and sustainable organic fertilizer, rich in essential minerals. Green replacement of chemical fertilizers.

Environmental impact

We combat climate change and limit deforestation by harnessing the power of insects.

Who are we?

We are entrepreneurs, scientists, and experts united in our belief that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. We are powered by our conviction that insects are a scalable and natural solution to humanity’s feed dilemma. And we know that our team will create impactful change in the feed industry. Why? Because we dare to be unconventional, love a good challenge and are relentless in the pursuit of our dreams for a sustainable future.