How we develop
Black Soldier Fly lifecycle
management, genetics
and technical services.

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Selective breeding technologies.

Our genetic center delivers selective breeding of flies which allows our customers to reach efficiency in bioconversion, improve biosecurity and develop customized/functional end-products

Solutions to support efficient bioconversion.

Proprietary technologies for automated vertical insect rearing at the customer’s site.

Network orchestrator business model.

Every Nasekomo customer can optimize and grow in accordance with its respective level of industry maturity. Ultimately, we will operate a network of decentralized remote-management hubs to enable partnerships reselling the end-products on the Nasekomo global marketplace

Core unlocking technologies

We work on automation, robotization, management optimization solutions that will enable any party willing to become insect-manufacturer at scale. Combined with unique insect-genetics services, supply of biological material for the insect-rearing process and a franchising model, we enable the uptake of the insect protein industry in the entire region


In 2020 Nasekomo, together with Groupe Grimaud launched the FlyGenetics joint venture – the first selective breeding company in the world for BSF-breeding. By joining forces, we tap into over 50 years of experience in animal genetics to develop marketable new black soldier fly strains to increase insect bioconversion efficiency, adapted to different by-product streams


A bioconversion unit processing 25,000 t of by-products a year requires 2 t of neonate (young) larvae per day which at present is out of the capacity of most insect producers in the EU. We developed a set of proprietary technologies incorporated in our Multiplication center to supply BSF larvae to the bioconversion units of large customers to process 100,000+ t of waste per year

Bioconversion technologies

This includes proprietary equipment and automation solutions which deploy vertical farming principles with automation, proprietary machines to enable optimized industrial rearing and handling of insects, and also covers their transformation to insect oil, frass for soil fertilizer and protein flour

Our technology helps achieve five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).