A force for nature.

We are Nasekomo – a collective of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers working flat out towards a more sustainable future.

We rear Black Soldier Fly to produce protein, oil and fertilizer for the feed and agriculture industries.

The Nasekomo team is driven by a pure set of values.
  1. Don’t be afraid to explore new pathways to sustainability.
  2. Constantly seek ways to reinvent ourselves and our business.
  3. Know that each of us is part of the solution.

What makes us special


Developed completely in-house, our fully automated
technology is both scalable and extremely cost-efficient.


Our R&D department works tirelessly to advance the insect industry and Nasekomo’s place within it, both independently and in collaboration with leading academic institutions and business partners. Its current focus on genetics and automation means we already have several developments on the path to patent protection.

Base of Operations

As the first insect rearing company in South-East Europe, our facilities are ideally placed to take advantage of abundant production materials in perennially low demand.


Long-term relationships with technological and other partners, and with companies all along our value chain, mean we have recourse to a constant supply of materials and a steady sales pipeline.


We aim to become the premium player in the insect industry by combining expertise in insect breeding with the continued development of proprietary technology, thereby providing our clients with high-value-added products and services.

Nasekomo Projects Propelling Our Company's Leadership in Industry Advancement

We explore new pathways to sustainability by constantly reinventing ourselves and our business. And we love every minute of it.

We find inspiration for our innovations in nature’s powerful mechanisms.

We are constant learners who practice team play, agility, empathy, and creativity to build the best solutions.

We succeed because we share the same values and truly believe that we are able to build a better model for the future of business –– limiting harm and improving the economy, planet and society. And then share and multiply it for positive change in our world.

Xavier Marcenac

Co-Founder | Business development

Marc Bolard

Co-Founder | R&D and Operations

Olga Marcenac

Co-Founder | Business enablement

Florent Mathe


Kamen Vasilev


Parvoleta Todorova


Stanislav Lafazanov


Marco Tulio Tejeda