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Insects for petfood

Insects make up 5% of the natural diet of pets around the world. Raw materials are responsible on average for over 40% carbon footprint for pet food manufacturers. Being a growing market, pet food is a rising concern for sustainability. With conscious pet owners, most are willing to pay a higher price for a healthier, more environmentally friendly meal for their paw friends.

Hypoallergenic protein is a great alternative to conventional animal proteins. Insects offer an amazing cocktail of nutrients –– highly digestible protein, premium fatty acids, chitin, and minerals.

Insects for aquafarming

Insects make up to 70% of the natural diet of fish. The industry standard is 4 tons of fish meal to raise a ton of farmed salmon. Insect protein meal has a close amino acid profile to fish meal and can offer additional benefits.

Soy is widely used in aquaculture farming but it’s unnatural. We chose this feed for economic reasons, not because it’s the best option available. Insects make a whole lot more sense for aquaculture.

Insects for poultry

The most natural food for chickens in our mind might be insects. Chickens picking insects on the ground in front of the farm.

Insects are naturally healthy for chickens, they contain high protein levels, fat for their immune system and micro gut, chitin, trace elements as selenium crucial for layer hens (egg production, hatchability).

Insects are very healthy for chickens because they are a factor of stress reducer and socialization (less conflicts …)

Insects for pigs

Wild pigs are turning up the ground to find acorns but also insects. Insects are a valuable source of nutrients for pigs, especially for the post-weaning stage for piglets but also for finishing diets.

Insect fat can play the role of functional ingredient by providing lauric acid to piglets and boosting their immune system to overcome the critical period of post-weaning. There’s also a monitored decrease of the use of antibiotics by incorporating insect fat at an additive level inclusion.

Insects for land

Insects play a key role in our ecosystem and biodiversity. The leftovers from insects composed of chitin, food fibres and other nutrients are going back into the soil. They contribute to bringing back life into the ground and restoring balance.

Black Soldier Fly frass is a natural, sustainable, gently dried and pesticide-free fertilizer, offering the NPK balance but also micronutrients. It is a natural organic fertilizer and soil conditioner that can contribute to plant growth for the farming and crop industry along with a beneficial microbial population for a stronger immune system.